Thoughts come into my head

Why wait for someone who doesn’t realize your value? Because you don’t value yourself.

This isn’t a hard question to answer, but it could be a hard question to realize you need to ask yourself.

There’s no love anymore, there’s no connection. So why hang on? I’m not, I think I’m going through the motions.

I don’t have anything inside of me right now to give to anyone else, I also don’t have anything to connect to someone with. There’s no tether. There’s nothing to tether to, it’s just a void and I hate it.


Get to the point where if one person leaves your life – usually for the best – that it doesn’t turn your entire existence upside down. Rely on yourself, that’s it. You can only trust yourself for what you decide to do, anything anyone else does – regardless of what they say they’re going to do – is up to them. Unless they prove themselves trustworthy and dependable, trust no one. Be your own sunshine, be your own rock, make yourself into the person you want to be on your own terms and through no assistance of others besides letting them show you what to do and what not to do.


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