You know, Taylor Swift might not be my favorite person, but her music always hits home. And yes, it’s quite a ‘basic white girl’ thing to say. But really, IDGAF, because it’s true.

I was driving from across town to go get my nails did with my future sis and it was raining and it was just such a nasty Monday. But on the inside, I felt dope, because I had just had a major breakthrough with why I am the way I am, and why I react certain ways and all that jazz.

So the rain was pouring, maybe not pouring, but my windshield wipers were doing work. And then the song Clean by Taylor Swift comes on. And I don’t know how many people are really aware of this song, but it’s all about addiction. Hers is in the form of a male specimen, I think Harry Styles – and let’s be honest, who wouldn’t get addicted to him? hsBut that’s not the point.

I, myself, have an addictive personality, I get hooked on things very easily. If it offers any sort of benefit for myself or for others, I will continuously make sure whatever it is keeps happening because for some reason, I’m wired like that. I think most people would identify as an addictive personality type, of all different levels.

But her song uses different metaphors, ranging from water to alcohol. And the alcohol references are easily understood because sometimes a person can give you the same feeling as alcohol or drugs. I’m not really in tune with how many people have made the link between alcohol and people addictions in songs, but it’s dope.

However, the best and most apparent theme throughout the song is water. She talks about being clean, and you need water to get dirt off. She talks about drowning, and my God, I know what it feels like to drown inside of yourself, to drown and just give up that feeling of trying to save whatever it is you’re addicted to.

It took her 10 months to get where she is, 10 months to get clean, sober from her addiction, and that’s terrifying. As a person who always wants to get things done as quick as possible, it is so frustrating when people tell me, “It’ll take time.” Because can time just speed up???

But every day is a fight. Every day is a day to make a decision of whether to cave or whether to stay strong like a fighter you should be.

Some of my favorite lines from the songs:

  • “The drought was the very worst. When the flowers that we’d grown together died of thirst.” 
  • “When I was drowning, that’s when I could finally breathe.”
  • “Let the flood carry away all my pictures of you.”
  • “You’re still all over me like a wine-stained dress I can’t wear anymore.”

Check out the song, it’s great :


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