A Pain in the

Today I encountered people with some extreme adversities; a loss of a son, loss of a spouse, loss of two children, early-life neglect, really anything you can think of – I heard it. It was a lot to take in, and I just sat and listened with two wide eyes that kept filling with tears.

Pain is hard. Pain is something every single person in this world has experienced. Some have experienced more, some have experienced different levels, but everyone has felt it. And while it often tears people apart, from the inside out, these people I’ve met are letting it bond them together.

They’re like, yeah life sucks and I’ve been burned over and over again, but I want to do something about it and I don’t want to feel so alone. And if that’s not inspiring to you, you must be a robot.

Beep Boop Boop. Feeling pain is not pleasant, it’s uncomfortable. And letting others know you’re in pain and you’re constantly pressured by yourself to be out of pain or to be happy or just functional, it’s awkward. It’s like wearing thong. It’s under your clothes, and you can’t even see it (which is really the point, amiright??) but it’s there and yes it sometimes hurts like hell but you’re not gonna show that pain because you’re a hot lady who doesn’t have panty lines.

I know, I’ve been there, both in the emotional pain and the thong pain. And if you try and tell someone you’re feeling this way, they usually feel uncomfortable and ask you to either leave them out of it or take care of it and get back to them.

Well, that’s why it’s different with these new friends I’ve found. They’re in pain, they acknowledge it, and they share how they feel about it. They share why they feel like they do. And they even (GET THIS) ask how I feel about my pain and what caused it and why I feel the way I do about the pain.

These people are jewels. But they shouldn’t be. Everyone in this entire world feels pain and pushes it far away so they can focus on something that they’d rather zoom in on. Well, that can work for awhile, but eventually you’ll become a big, unhappy sack of pain. That’s not cute, not that I’ve seen an actual image, but I’m going to assure you with 99.999% certainty it’s not cute.

I’m not trying to start a movement to scream out in pain, but I’m just asking that next time you’re in pain, and I mean emotionally, you tell someone, even if it’s your own self, and say why you feel like that. Because you might feel alone, you might feel like you’re too young to be in as much pain as you’re in, you’re too good to feel this pain, you’re too smart and driven to feel this pain. This pain is going to halt your plans, you can’t deal with it now!

Well, either deal with it now or deal with it later. This really isn’t one of those assignments where the teacher says, “Do not wait until the night before to start this.” It’s just a warning, a warning that you most likely have felt pain lately (and it might’ve been small) and you might not have processed exactly why you felt what you did.

But you shouldn’t be scared, you should just be. You should just be how you are, experiencing every day, the feelings of it all and maybe not psychoanalyzing those feelings, but definitely acknowledging that you did feel that way.

Yeah, I learned a lot today. Mostly, I’m in pain and so is everyone else in some way, but we got to let ourselves deal with it instead of shoving it under the bed again.


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