A love letter to myself

Hey you,

I’m writing to you because it’s been awhile since I told you how I feel about you. I know, I know, we’re together allll the time and I should use that time to express my feelings and not put up walls and blah blah, but too bad. This is how I do it, and you’re going to deal with it.

You’re ridiculous, you truly are. In a way I’ve never ever experienced before, you make me feel everything. We’ve been friends for 21 years now and you’ve made me laugh every single day. I don’t have another friend like that. I don’t have anyone like that.

Thank you for everything you do for me. Thank you for feeding me, for brushing my hair, brushing my teeth and sometimes – I know you’re working on that 😉 exercising. I know you’re doing your best. I know it’s hard sometimes, actually it’s hard a lot of times. You don’t always put me first, and that hurts. It hurts me and you and it actually hurts other people more than you know.

But, you’re great. You care more than anyone I’ve ever met and you have been through so much that I’m seriously appalled you’re still so jolly, so happy to try again. That’s what makes you awesome.

Sure, you don’t have a pancreas (that works). Sure, your heart just got smashed into several billion pieces (ouch Meg, that one really hurt). Sure, you don’t have everything figured out and you cry one minute and burst out laughing the next, but it’s you.

And, it’s time for me to tell you, it really is. Everyone’s been saying I should just go ahead and try to do it and try to say it.

I love you. I really do. And yes, it’s taken me awhile to figure that out. And yes, lots of people have been scolding me for not realizing it earlier. But it’s true, and I don’t know how long it has been.

I love you. It’s me and you, from now until who knows when, it’s me and you. I know, it sounds dreadful, and we’ll probably have lots of disagreements. But hopefully we have fun. I know so far, I’ve had fun every single day. Whether just reading a book or riding a roller coaster, there’s been joy in every day.

So I’m looking forward to the next however many years we have. Maybe someone will join us and add to our party, but for now, I’m happy it’s just you and me.

Thank you for being you, I love you.

Sincerely, with a whole bunch of dorky, silly love,


P.S. You know, every once in a while we need some self love. So here’s my dose. Use my template, or don’t. It’s a free world and you do whatever you want, ya darn hippie.


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